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The products of the Elite Series are the result of BN Labs’ notable experience in this discipline and extensive resources and research capabilities that allow us to continually refine each product to deliver the pure, unfiltered explosive power assistance, endurance and recovery that’s demanded every day by elite level athletes.


With a clear understanding of food purity and the importance of 100% plant based ingredients, BN Labs offers 3 premier products in the new Organic Series. Focusing on everyday natural health in our Wellness Series, the Organic Series goes further to support the body’s immune system, promotes fertility and reproductive health and helps to better balance hormonal and mood levels.

The BN Labs Performance Series is comprised of 7 essential products to help us prepare, perform, recover and ultimately to achieve the fitness goals we’ve set for ourselves. At BN Labs we’ll never promise things like “incredible unheard of results” by simply consuming our products. Instead we see ourselves as an informed and well engineered nutrition partner providing your mind and body in each workout with what you need to achieve what you believe is possible.

Our Wellness Series is devoted to the everyday importance of how we feel, our ability to move freely and energetically without pain, the proper digestion and control of the food and nutrients we take in and our overall general health and approach to living. In our wellness series nearly 100% of the total ingredients we’ve combined come from naturally formed plant based elements and each product is formulated with the proper levels and amounts to promote a gentle but positive balance of effectiveness.

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