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Today, our understanding of human science and how to improve the body’s performance has never been greater. Beyond the mechanics and operation of our internal functions, we’ve learned so much more about the important nutritional elements that fuel and support us continually throughout the day and renew us again in the morning when we awake.

With this new science and our legacy of worldwide success at British Nutritions, we’re now introducing a highly specialized line of products, BN LABS, developed to provide you with exactly what you need to achieve your personal goals in fitness and living healthier each day. No more, no less

Each of our products are formulated with the very best ingredients and the highest standards of internal purity . They’re made to not only to answer your body’s many mental and physical demands but each time, to deliver a great flavor experience without the lingering medicine or chemical like taste that’s commonly found with others.

Finally, our commitment remains, as it has been from the beginning, to spare no expense in time, research and resources. All of our supplements and nutritional products are formulated, produced, tested and certified at the most demanding levels here in the US.

Our hope is that you’ll try our products, enjoy them and hopefully, make them an important part of your nutritional regimen each day. Real fitness and health living goals are not always easy to achieve, but we’re here to help and as always we welcome your questions and comments.

At BN Labs we pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to nutrition. Every product is custom tailored to meet a purpose. From our organics line, to our sports nutrition line, we make sure every ingredient in tested for quality and purity, leaving nothing to chance. Our goal is to build the company based on three essential pillars: Truth - Quality - Results


Our sports nutrition range has been certified drug free, by leading anti-doping laboratories Informed-Choice and BSCG to provide our athletes with the assurances that they need that when they've taken one of our sports nutrition products the product have been tested for over 190 compounds on the WADA banned substance list.

Our Organics line has had no expense spared on creating the perfect Vegan plant based protein designed with the perfect combination of ingredients to make it taste great and provide an optimal source of protein. With our Vegan products, everything that we provide has been thoroughly vetted to make sure the products are organic, and serve a purpose in a balanced diet.

At BN Labs we guarantee the what's declared on the label is in the bottle. Every batch on product that is manufactured for BN Labs is third tested for purity and quality. Every protein product has been tested to prove that what we claim is in the bottle.

Corporate Responsibility 

At BN LABS, we believe in preventive nutrition by being proactive in understanding the nutritional needs of our consumers. We get to the root of health problems with our in-depth research, and create solutions that prevent their spread and recurrence.

We also continuously support the activities of NGOs and other institutions involved with healthcare, education, sports, skill development and community welfare. At British Biologicals, we understand that our future is dependent on the welfare of the community, and make all efforts toward improving its quality of life. Some of our public welfare initiatives include  Akshaya Patra initiatives in Bangalore, India.

As a nutrition company, our primary commitment is towards a healthier future generation. Hence, tackling the issue at the grass root level meant offering a healthy product, specific to the health condition, which is not only affordable but also palatable.