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We run, go to the gym, lift weights, ride bicycles, swim, stretch, climb, hike, do yoga... and with a nearly infinite number of personal workout combinations we are more “fit conscious” today than ever before. The BN Labs Performance Series is comprised of 6 essential products to help us prepare, perform, recover and ultimately to achieve the fitness goals we’ve set for ourselves. At BN Labs we’ll never promise things like “incredible unheard of results” by simply consuming our products. Instead we see ourselves as an informed and well engineered nutrition partner providing your mind and body in each workout with what you need to achieve what you believe is possible.

Power Protein

  • 100% non-GMO whey isolate
  • 25g protein per serving
  • 6g BCAA

Pre Workout

  • Intense energy*
  • Extreme pumps*
  • Increased stamina*
  • Beat mental fatigue*
  • 100% creatine free*


  • Encourage muscle growth*
  • Promote muscle recovery & repair*
  • Support strength & power*
  • Non-allergenic source of BCAA
  • Reduce muscle breakdown*

L - Glutamine

  • Faster recovery*
  • Promote healthy nitrogen balance*
  • Improves immunity*
  • Increases metabolism*
  • Promotes muscle growth*

Fat Burner

  • Focus*
  • Metabolize fat faster*
  • Energy*
  • Thermogenesis*

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