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The human body is a beautifully complex network of high functioning components and pathways perfectly synchronized with each other so that we can live fully each day, recover with restful sleep at night, and arise in the morning to begin again. While BN Labs offers products formulated to promote greater human strength and endurance, our Wellness Series is devoted to the everyday importance of how we feel, our ability to move freely and energetically without pain, the proper digestion and control of the food and nutrients we take in and our overall general health and approach to living. In our wellness series nearly 100% of the total ingredients we’ve combined come from naturally formed plant based elements and each product is formulated with the proper levels and amounts to promote a gentle but positive balance of effectiveness.


  • Helps balance stress & anxiety*
  • Helps promote healthy immune system*
  • Helps build vitality*


  • Natural weight management*
  • Appetite suppressant*
  • Boosts energy levels* non-GMO ingredients*
  • Boosts weight loss*


  • Promotes healthy heart*
  • Inflammation support*
  • Healthy joint support*


  • Promotes healthy cartilage & joint health*
  • Helps faster healing & injury recovery*
  • Helps increasing joint mobility*
  • Manage joint distress*


  • Promotes overall digestive health*
  • Restores gastrointestinal microflora*
  • Boosts healthy immune system response*
  • 13 strains of beneficial bacteria blend
  • 100 billion CFU*


  • Natural sleep aid
  • Drug free*
  • 3 mg-tab

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