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5 Home Remedies for Working Moms to Stay Fit and Energetic

Posted by Bharath Reddy on
5 Home Remedies for Working Moms to Stay Fit and Energetic

Being a working mom is a full time job and the hardest job on the planet. Besides giving your full undivided attention to your family, you still need to keep your mind sharp for the workplace and make sure you don’t fall apart from exhaustion. But what about the “me time”? Those unique moments when you take care of yourself and tend to your body and spirit to stay healthy, fit and motivated? If it seems too hard to juggle with all these variables, let’s see a few home remedies and tips for all you working moms out there!

1.) Quick Breakfast, Hours of Energy

We know you have plenty of things to do and you might skip a meal or two throughout the day, but never skip a quick and highly nutritious breakfast! As healthy diets and home remedies go, make sure you pack a heavy punch of protein, fibers and vitamins on your breakfast plate. Oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts or legumes is a great idea, together with sugarless cereal, hard boiled eggs, and so on. What you should pay attention to is the fact that there are many healthy ways to eat fruits and veggies. Not all of them are the right options (too much sugar), while some of them are even healthier when cooked. You can fix your breakfast in minutes and enjoy hours of energy and efficiency afterwards!

2.) Find Ten Minutes a Day to Meditate

We’re sure that if you had free ten minutes a day you’d rather spend them sleeping, but actually meditation comes with plenty of benefits and can be performed during the lunch break. Meditation is not easy, but simple if you get the hang of it and comes with plenty of science-based benefits for your brain, body and spirit.

According to researchers, a quick meditation session, if done right, helps you to better focus on your daily tasks, lowers anxiety levels, increases your levels of creativity (which positively impact your job or your home problem solving skills), builds you better memory neural networks, reduces stress, improves motivation and fills you up with the energy to go on. Not all people can start meditating successfully starting now, but with a little practice, even five minutes a day can equal a healthy nap or a workout.

3.) Chase those Pains Away with a Healthy Evening Bath

As a working mom you probably feel that your feet and back pains will forever be stuck to you, impossible to alleviate. Your feet and back bear the brunt of your daily running around, so you should do something to treat them right. Enter Epsom Salt, one of the highest regarded home remedies that even science backs up for its amazing benefits. Try to find the time to take a long hot Epsom Salt bath at least three times a week. Besides the salt, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender for relaxation and comfort. Among the most appraised benefits of an Epsom Salt bath, researchers insist on:

  • Reduced inflammation of muscles and alleviated pain and muscle cramps
  • Prevention and alleviation of headaches and migraines
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Improved flushing out of skin cell toxins and heavy metals
  • Improved heart and circulatory system functioning, reduced irregular heartbeats, a lowered blood pressure, prevention of blood clots formation and prevention of hardened arteries.
  • Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation.

Epsom Salt is available almost everywhere and two cups of such salt added to a hot tub will do wonders to your body, chasing the pains away, relaxing you and keeping you fit.

4.) On-the-Run Honey Face Treatments

Some morning you barely find the time to brush your teeth, let alone spend tens of minutes on face care. However, you still want to look like a person and not a zombie, so it’s time to find some quick fixes you can enjoy and keep your face skin healthy and strong. Wash your face and mix a teaspoon of honey with an egg white, then apply it on your face as you would a skincare mask.

While you make breakfast for your family, the face mask will do its wonders. Dermatologists recommend natural honey face masks because honey acts as a moisturizer, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-ageing, anti-acne, skin repair, antibiotic and exfoliating agent. Use less time, money and effort on cosmetics and beauty products and keep your face clean, hydrated, healthy and glowing with just one simple product. You will not only look better, you will also feel amazing about yourself!

5.) Turn a Living Room Corner into a Home Gym

We know there is not enough time in a day to care for the family, work and keep up with the gym routine. But in reality you don’t have to buy special fitness equipment for the house or get a fitness membership. Any corner of your living room can turn into your home gym, even a chair. There are countless types of workouts requiring only a mat (yoga and Pilates come to mind) and a simple chair can help you perform tens of exercises. Of course, you need motivation and sometimes a little push. Exercising is a nuisance sometimes, but you can find the proper ways to work out at least three times a week if follow specialists’ advice.

Being a working mom is not easy, this is why you need to stay focused, boost your energy levels and rest well in the same time. What other home remedies and tricks do you use to keep up, improve your health and be on top of your game?

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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