5 Tips for a Balanced, Healthy Gut

Digestive issues are the worst, and they can sneak up on the best of us. On average, 60-70 million Americans a year visit the doctor or the ER for intestinal and stomach related issues. Minor issues, when left untreated, can turn into much bigger problems- and a lot of minor digestive issues can be prevented through lifestyle changes.

Here are some ways you can ensure that you keep your gut happy and healthy:

Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

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Stress is a very common cause of gut issues ranging from indigestion, pain, cramps, and unhealthy bowel movements. Finding ways to reduce stress just may help solve some of your stomach issues. Low-impact exercise, meditation and breathing exercises, talking with friends, or spending time doing a hobby you love can seriously help your stomach settle.

Stay Hydrated

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Can’t seem to “go” without discomfort, or maybe you don’t “go” for several days at a time? This is a classic sign of dehydration. Drinking warm or room temperature water can help get things moving along, if you catch our drift. While cold water may taste refreshing, it can actually slow down digestion- so opt for hot drinks like water or tea, or go with room temperature if it’s hot outside.

Take a Probiotic and a Prebiotic

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You’ve probably heard of probiotics, but prebiotics are also just as important. Prebiotics are the fuel that probiotics need to stay alive and work their magic in your gut, and are essentially made of fiber. Agave inulin, onions, garlin, oats, and other foods high in fiber all seed your digestive tract with the nutrients that living probiotics need to survive. Speaking of fiber...

Change up your Diet

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Greasy, fatty foods, spicy foods, acidic foods, and sugar in excess can all be the culprit of an upset stomach. We know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but it’s a fact- eating healthy is the best way to keep your stomach happy. Opt for foods that are high in fiber, essential nutrients, and low in saturated fats. You can also add in fermented foods such as greek yogurt, kimchi, miso, kefir and sauerkraut for an added boost of probiotics.

Support Your Diet with Key Supplements

It can be hard to get all the nutrients and fiber you need to keep your insides in tip-top shape, so consider adding in a couple of key supplements. Our Organic Greens are a great source of prebiotic fiber as well as other gut-boosting nutrients. Peppermint oil can do wonders for IBS, and chamomile and ginger are soothing for nausea and stomach upset. L-Glutamine supports the intestines and can help people better absorb nutrients. 




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