Before and After: A Father's Day Fitness Transformation

In honor of Father's Day, we are sharing the story of Thomas Heil, an incredible dad who decided to embark on a fitness journey to improve his quality of life- and ended up reaping the benefits in more ways than he expected!

“I was always very athletic and kept in shape- I was a dancer in high school and college. After I settled down and had kids, there was a complete switch in focus to family,” said Thomas.

Thomas, 39, a married father of two boys, a toddler and a preteen, was in great shape most of his life. As kids came into the picture, like many dads, Thomas found himself consumed with the daily duties of being an active caretaker and all-around awesome dad. Like many hard-working fathers, he put the well-being of his family first- and as a result, he sacrificed personal time for staying active and slipped into less-than-ideal eating habits.

Thomas’s wife, who is a runner, struggled to get back into shape after her first pregnancy, but by the time she had her second child she was in the best shape of her life.

“My wife really focused on taking off the weight she’d gained, but I didn’t. She is the one who inspired me to do something about it, so this January I started a fitness plan.”

Thomas started a 6 week cut program at his local gym with meal plan tailored to his body size and type that focused on eating whole foods and protein. Thomas also began supplementing daily with BN Labs Grass Fed Whey Protein, and added our Organic Greens into the mix for an energy boost. Thomas wanted to keep his protein intake as clean and natural as possible, and after doing his research, decided to choose our high-quality concentrate instead of an isolate.

“As of now, I’m down 30 lbs and continuing to work hard to lose more fat while gaining muscle and break through plateaus with my lifting and running.”

Thomas works out 4-5 days a week with a combination of strength training and cardio. He’s found that group workouts are best for him, as they keep him motivated and accountable. Thomas is proud to be able to say that he is now lifting heavier and running faster than he did even in college! One of his current goals is to get his 150 meter sprint time under 24 seconds.

In addition to the obvious outward benefit, Thomas also found some surprising silver linings:

“I didn’t realize how tired I always was until I got back in shape. I would come home after working all day, collapse and have no energy for my family. So far, the amount of energy I have has been the biggest reward, because now I can focus more on my wife and kids and give them the attention they deserve.”

Thomas is proof that even if you’re a busy dad, it pays to put yourself first when it comes to staying healthy. With a healthy diet, nutritional support, exercise and some determination, he’s a great example of how these changes can make a big positive impact on a whole family. We wish Thomas the best of luck on his continued journey to health and fitness! Cheers! 




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