How to Make Sure Your Spirulina is Safe to Eat

Spirulina is widely recognized as one the most potent superfoods on the planet. It’s a nutritionally dense source of complete protein, rich in antioxidants, supports the immune system with Vitamin b6, and helps keep your heart healthy with thiamin.

So what is spirulina, and how is this amazing superfood grown? Spirulina is a single-cell green algae that has grown on our planet for millions of years. It’s been harvested and dried by humans for consumption for millenia and has become a staple in diets all over the world. Spirulina naturally grows in both freshwater and seawater environments.

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Spirulina and Toxin Absorption

Spirulina is fairly susceptible to environmental contamination and can readily absorb heavy metals, radiation and other toxins in the water and air. In addition, when grown in uncontrolled outdoor environments such as natural lakes and springs, certain strains like BMAA can also produce a toxin that is harmful to humans (especially the liver) called microcystin. Because of spirulina’s susceptibility to contamination, it is extremely important that great care is taken to follow safety protocols during production. It is also important to test spirulina after production to ensure that is free of heavy metals and microcystins.

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What Part of the World Makes the Safest Spirulina?

There has been growing concern among consumers over what part of the world produces safe spirulina. The truth is that it’s not where spirulina is grown that makes it safe, it’s HOW it’s grown. Spirulina grown in a pristine natural lake in Bali would be much more likely to contain bacterial contamination that spirulina grown on an organic farm in China. The quality controls and processes used my individual manufacturers are the reliable only way to know if your spirulina is safe for consumption.

How do I Make Sure my Spirulina is Grown Safely?

When purchasing spirulina, there are two critical things to look for: organic production, and testing for heavy metals and toxins. BN Labs purchases spirulina from several parts of the world, but all of our suppliers meet rigorous US standards for organic production. All the spirulina we purchase is: 

- Grown in bright sunshine, in man-made pools that only use pure underground drinking-quality mineral water,            which means there’s no potential for radiation contamination or heavy metal contamination from seawater.
- Free of microcystins caused by algae strains like BMAA 
- Free from inorganic fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals
- Free from chemicals or additives- our product doesn’t need preservatives
- Tested for heavy metals, microcystins, and bacterial contamination

When you purchase our organic spirulina, be assured that you are getting a safe, high quality product that’s been organically produced and thoroughly tested. Not that you know how to get safe spirulina, we hope you’ll enjoy its many health benefits!




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