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Slider At-Home Workout

Posted by Anthony Broom on
Slider At-Home Workout

Get your sweat on with this awesome at-home 20 minute workout, targeting your core and booty. Follow along with these exercises and repeat 1-2 times.


-Mountain Climbers: Start in high plank position and begin sliding each knee forward towards your chest. Do 25 mountain climbers with each leg, totaling 50.

-Cross Mountain Climbers: Start in high plank position and begin pulling each knee across your body. Your right knee will go towards your left shoulder and vice versa. Do 25 per side, totaling 50 once again.

-Pike: Start in high plank position with both feet on sliders. Hike your hips up towards the ceiling, pulling your feet toward your hands. Pike 30 times total. 

-Side knee tuck: Start in high plank position. Slide both of your feet over to the right and begin bringing your knees towards your chest. Ensure that your obliques are engaged throughout this exercise.

Both feet should be outside of your right hand. Complete this exercise by switching to the left and doing it all over again. You should be tucking 20 times on each side, totaling 40. 


-Curtsy Lunge: Start standing with both of your feet on the sliders. Your knees should be slightly bent and your feet hip-width apart. Engage your glutes immediately. Push your left foot behind the right to come into a low curtsy lunge. 

Return to your original position by pulling the right foot back to the center. Do 20 on each side, totaling 40.

-Side to Side Lunges:

Begin with your left leg bent. Move your straightened right leg out to the side to get into a full lunge position. Do 20 lunges per side, totaling 40. 

We hope you enjoy this ab + booty slider workout! 




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