How To Make Protein Part of Your Weight Loss Routine 

According to recent statistics, over 160 Million Americans are currently overweight or obese, and that number is on the rise- especially in children. We face some major challenges when it comes to our waistlines in this country. Portions are massive, fast food is everywhere, and many of us are overworked, tired, or simply can’t afford/ access fresh food. There’s also a huge lack of education from a young age about eating healthy meals and exercising.

To make matters more complicated, there are millions of unscrupulous products and companies trying to gain profit off of our desire to slim down. While we’re expected to look like celebrities, we’re simultaneously marketed ineffective, unsafe crash diets, pills, and unreasonable fitness plans that don’t actually work or worse- can harm our health in the long run.

So how do we solve this problem? It truly is simpler than it sounds- we start with the food we eat. We all have similar basic nutritional needs. When they aren’t met, it can lead to illness, discomfort, weight gain, and shortened life spans. There are nutrition groups found in the foods we eat that are all vital:


We happen to be experts in one of them- protein! When consumed correctly, it can be the single most effective part of a weight loss plan. Protein is the foundation of muscle, tissue, and bone. It keeps you feeling satiated longer, helps curb cravings, and provides long-lasting energy that you need to stay active. Here’s how to work it into your routine:

Use it as a healthy meal replacement.

Swapping out one meal a day with a high protein, low calorie option like a smoothie is a great way to promote weight loss. Our Vegan Protein and Grass-Fed Whey Protein both have about 40% of your daily protein needs in a single scoop. Blended with skim milk or a milk substitute and some fresh fruit, it becomes a meal that will keep you full for hours with very few calories.

Eat Protein at Every Meal and For Snacks

The key to stabilizing hunger throughout the day is to consistently eat protein. Find a way to work a lean protein source into every one of your meals, and even snacks. Fish, lean chicken, hard boiled eggs, chickpeas and legumes, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, and lean cuts of beef are all excellent choices.

Choose Good Quality Protein

Unfortunately, much of the meat, dairy, and protein powder supplements being sold are subjected to chemical processing and are from animals that are treated with antibiotics and hormones. When you choose beef, buy grass-fed. Same with your whey protein- grass-fed has more nutrients and is higher quality. Pasture-raised eggs and full fat, organic cottage cheese are also less expensive sources of lean protein. For vegans, consider purchasing organic produce whenever possible, and look for a powder supplement that contains a complete amino acid profile.

Make It Convenient

The trick to succeeding with a weight loss thing is to establish a seamless routine that’s convenient to stick to. Try grilling a week’s worth of protein and portioning it out, or cooking all your proteins on a Sunday night before the week starts. Pack up lunches ahead of time, and stock up on convenient protein sources like string cheese, protein powder, nuts, and pre-boiled eggs that are easy to grab and eat on the go.

We wish you nothing but the best on your efforts to get healthy! We’re here to support you with the best quality protein possible- and feel free to contact us for more tips or with questions. 




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