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Organic Greens Organic BN-Labs
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Organic Greens

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Whenever I feel my energy level is low, I shake up a quick Organic Greens smoothie from BN Labs and it never fails me. Always being on the go as a nursing student, and being vegan, sometimes it’s hard to always track what I am eating. Knowing these greens are all vegan and can supplement anything I might be lacking, gives me confidence I’m getting adequate nutrition! The energy and mood boost is all you need sometimes!

@erricalynn - Erica Dumas

+-Product Information

Organic Greens harnesses the power of 15 incredible superfoods to provide the most nutrient-dense greens supplement available on the market. Our potent, formula is simply unparalleled in quality and purity, and contains a highly concentrated blend of organic ingredients that promote overall wellness.

  • Boosts weight loss*
  • Speeds up metabolism*
  • Boosts energy levels*
  • Helps detox the system*
  • Rich in antioxidants*
  • Supports overall wellness and health*
  • Nutrient-dense, water soluble formula
  • 30 servings of USDA organic, Non-GMO goodness


Green Ingredients

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Look good in yoga pants, not just your mom jeans

15 superfoods, all organic, scientifically selected, in one premium blend to boost your immune system, burn fat, and improve energy*

9/10 Americans don’t get the kinds of nutrients to help protect their bodies.

So we made the perfect blend for you.



Your body needs help neutralizing stomach acids. This formula of superfoods will do just that by speeding up your metabolism, burning fat, prevent cell damage, and helping you digest food better so that you can lose weight easier!


Your body stores toxins from processed foods, alcohol, and even air pollution. But fear not! Your body also has a way of flushing out those toxins. When you use our blend of organic supergreens it helps purify your system so you can feel better and healthier.


Imagine being able to concentrate through the afternoon without pumping more caffeine into your body. These all-natural superfoods do just that. Organic Supergreens adds natural nitrates to your blood to help your body work more efficiently, leaving more energy for your brain!


I love that just one scoop of @bnlabs mixed with water can help alkalize and detox my body. This helps flush the body of harmful pollutants.
@coucoujolieblog - Loreen Hwang

For optimal nutrition taking organic greens daily is a must for me. It’s has the dense super foods to keep gut in check and metabolism firing!
@DSRawFitness - Diego Sebastian

I'm SO excited for this @bnlabs organic greens powder - I can mix it with my normal smoothies and get all of those good-for-you greens without that overwhelmingly greens taste.
@juliaotest - Julia Test

Thank goodness for @bnlabs Organic Greens for making sure I get all my veggies servings in just ONE drink! Which of course makes me V HAPPY to easily get back on track!
@fancynancista - Nancy Sevilla



Rich in vitamins C, E, B6, iron, and folate.


Vitamins A,C, and E help fight free radicals, fiber promotes digestive health.


An adaptogen that enhances cognitive function, reduces cortisol levels, boosts energy, may aid anxiety and depression.


Incredibly alkalizing, high in B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, and folate.


Combats chronic and localized inflammation, provides joint support.


Fiber boosts gut health, high in vitamins B and C, flavonoids quercitin and kaempferol may protect the heart.


High in protein, may help reduce blood pressure and protect against anemia.


Naturally sweet, a great source of fiber and prebiotic that helps gut health.


Rich in omega-3 fats, binds to heavy metals to aid in detoxification.


May help lower blood sugar levels, reduce oxidative stress, and prevent kidney stones.


Boosts physical performance by increasing bloodflow.


Decreases inflammation, protects the liver, may aid in wound healing.


Alleviates digestives issues, may help relieve muscle soreness and fatigue.


Aids in weight loss, may reduce blood pressure, rich in antioxidants.


Aids in detoxification of the liver, and can help lower cholesterol.



We’ll refund your money even if you send us back an empty container! If for any reason you don’t think BN Labs is for you, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t love it, you can get your money back. No questions asked


Why should I take ORGANIC GREENS?+

You’re supposed to have acid in your stomach. But not too much. Acid’s really hard on your body. Know what makes it worse? Stress, coffee, red meat, junk food, even pollution. An acidic stomach slows your metabolism -- that means your food isn’t digesting completely, making you feel tired, lazy, and you have a harder time LOSING WEIGHT.

And 9/10 Americans don’t get the kinds of nutrients to help protect their bodies.+

So we made the perfect blend for you.

When should I drink my Organic Greens?+

Any time of day, however we do recommend in the morning. This can help kickstart your metabolism for the day.

Will there be any stomach issues with Organic Greens?+

No, there is nothing in the Organic Greens that will make you have an upset stomach. We’re also added a prebiotic fibre for help fuel a healthy gut.

Are there stimulants in Organic Greens?+

No we don’t add any caffiene, so the energy that you feel is just your body working efficiently.

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